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I need help, I am looking for links.

- I need a first person pov story where the character telling the story IS NOT the main character/focus of the story. (IE, they're telling somebody else's story as they saw it happen) I know there's a bunch of those out there, I just don't know of any of them.
- I need a third person limited pov story. Where we don't know what the character's think or anything like that, we can only see what's going on NOW.
- I need a third person directed omniscient pov story. This is the rarest form out there and odds are there aren't many written. It's similar to a standard first person but differs in that the story is seen from an outside pov, but we can only know what ONE character's thinking etc during the entire story.

- I need examples of past tense story telling (first and third person). Past tense, duh "He did/wanted/saw/thought/heard" and that sort of thing that we all already knew.
- I need examples of present tense story telling (first and third person). Present tense, simply "I wonder/can smell ... She blinks/sighs/yawns" etc.
- I need examples of variant tense story telling (first and third person). Don't you hate me for this shit? Variant tense - a story that goes back and forth, most commonly via flashbacks where the narrator is telling a story and implements a story or memory to explain/expand on a situation.

I will, of course, give you full and absolute credit for whatever I quote/reference.

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