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Movie review!

Okay, so I was in Blockbuster this evening and what did my little eyes happen to spy on the New Release shelf? “Go For Broke”! I nearly started to squeal at the prospect of it, but I refrained and picked it up. :D My Daddy rented it for me and besides a few uber-strange moments (I.e.: Shower Scene), it ‘twas excellent. I <3 Independent films.

Michael Goorijian cracked me up, like he usually does. There was something about him prancing around in that black dress and heels, and then the somewhat dirty dancing in the French maid uniform while dusting that just totally made my night. And the cop uniform? Oy. I wanted to scronk him. XD

I didn’t really look up the name of the girl, Weasel (^^;;), but she rocked my socks, too.

Great characters, great storyline, and a great ending. It was a fantastic movie and I have a huge urge to write a fic centered around a prison…but maybe I’ll keep that under wraps until a few others get finished first. ^_~
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