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Reasons Why the NJL Rocks My Socks:

[info]myownimprov: SCOOTER GIRL!
[info]sita_face: SCOOTER GIRL!
[info]irontears: SCOOTER GIRL!
[info]slasheeladee: SCOOTER GIRL!

You have just entered room "NML."
TheLoneReed: I don't post cause no one reads it
HotShotPsycho: wow...
TheLoneReed: so there's no point
[info]figletofvenice: Woo!
TheLoneReed: there's no point in much any more these days.
Goon Docks?: I read it
[info]sita_face:: *sings Avenue Q loudly*
HotShotPsycho: wow...lot's of people...
Rachello: HI LOSERS
[info]irontears: YAY Avenue Q!
Firefly: such a lovely greeting
TheLoneReed: this is a small chat
[info]sita_face:: *bites Rachelily*
[info]figletofvenice: AVENUE Q!!
Poker: woot woot
Rachello: I am bitten?
Black Rose: yeah id rather only the special people know who i am
Black Rose: lol
[info]sita_face: And nooooooow, I fiiiiind
[info]figletofvenice: ::chews on Sita::
[info]irontears: BAD! NO BITING!
Rachello: *kicks Shitameeta*
[info]sita_face: What was always in my mind
Rachello: MAMA MONDUE.
[info]sita_face: *is bitten and kicked*
[info]sita_face: *sobs*
[info]slasheeladee: SINHE! Stop it!
[info]figletofvenice: was on your mind too!
HotShotPsycho: i g2g now bye bye
HotShotPsycho has left the room.
[info]sita_face: No, Mondie is PAPA!
[info]figletofvenice: who knew?
[info]slasheeladee: *drags off to naughty corner*
Rachello: ..PAPA MONDUE
Poker: haha.
[info]figletofvenice: fantasy's come true!
[info]sita_face: Fantasies come truuuuuue
[info]myownimprov: *sings* An I know that we'll never fit in
[info]figletofvenice: ::CAN'T SPELL:
[info]myownimprov: I don't care that she's missing all her limbs
Rachello: we know
[info]figletofvenice: ::knows no grammer::
Firefly: so what's new?
[info]myownimprov: with no arms and no legs
[info]sita_face: *much heartage to closet homosexual puppets voiced by John Tartaglia*
[info]myownimprov: just a chest and a head
[info]figletofvenice: DEATH!
Rachello: I am col.
[info]figletofvenice: or not
Rachello: Who else is cold?
[info]myownimprov: she's my torso girllll
Rachello: AND HUNGRY
[info]sita_face: *clings to Poker*
[info]myownimprov: she's my torso girllll
Poker: yes sita pooh:-D:-*
[info]irontears: so who luuuuuuuuvs muuuush??????
Poker: *-*is clung onto*
[info]sita_face: *clingclingcling*
Rachello: Shortie do!
[info]sita_face:: Is it true?
[info]sita_face: Mmmmmmmhmmmmm
Poker: who loves SnipeShooter?
[info]myownimprov: I dooooooo!
[info]sita_face: She do, she do, she do, she do, oooh!
TheLoneReed: blah
Rachello: She do she do she doo ooh
Someone who is definitely NOT [info]myownimprov: SITA
[info]figletofvenice: I don't!
[info]sita_face: [/kenan and kel moment]
Poker: good, cause hes mine>:o.
[info]slasheeladee: Snipeshooter is too young for me
[info]irontears: snipeshooter is EVIIIIL
Poker: =-O
[info]myownimprov: Annie V is oolllld
[info]figletofvenice: I forgot about that show....
TheLoneReed: If you'll all exscuse me now I must go hang myself.
Poker: not me though! kinda
[info]sita_face: GWINS!
Someone who is still not [info]myownimprov: aw, damn MG
Firefly: why MG?
TheLoneReed: ciao ciao songi dolce mii amici
Poker: have fun MG!
Definitely not [info]myownimprov: I'l miss you tremendously
[info]sita_face: I was gonna say that!
Firefly: that was nice to say
Rachello: ..dude, she's gone
Poker: what was nice?
[info]sita_face: Your FACE
Firefly: I was being sarcastic.
Goon Docks?: this is random
Not even in your wildest dreams is this [info]myownimprov: YOUR MOM
[info]sita_face: *plays electric guitar behind Mondie*
[info]figletofvenice: I don't know what's going on!
Rachello: shout shout let it all ooooooout!
[info]sita_face: YOUR DOG
Poker: ooooo ff's bein sarcastic:-\
No matter what you think, it’s not [info]myownimprov: YOUR BUTT
Poker: here we gooo,
Not in any way shape or form [info]myownimprov: Hiya firefly!
Goon Docks?: hehe i like sarcasitc ff
Rachello: People need to work on their sarcasm.
Firefly: I'm going to go. if anyone wants to talk, IM me. I'm not gonna waste my time in here.
[info]sita_face: URANUS
[info]sita_face: WE WIN!
[info]sita_face: AHAHAHAHAHA
Poker: haha.
Rachello: YU DO!
[info]irontears: awwwwww
Poker: wheee:-D
[info]sita_face: Well, that didn't take long
[info]myownimprov: NJL 1
[info]slasheeladee: AHAHAH
Rachello: *snogs Shita*
[info]myownimprov: NML -3483473928452
[info]sita_face: *snogs back*
Poker: hahaha
Rachello: w00t!
[info]sita_face: SQUEE
[info]sita_face: GO US
Poker: ff -328947329874982374982384798237498237498327498237498237432
Rachello: mawha we rawk
Poker: 8-)

Weird? Yes. Fun? Definitely. We rock.
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